So, I gave my notice after 5 years combined at my current firm (I left for 9 months to an insurer and was invited back in a vastly expanded role). I’ll miss the prestige of this role and the people here, but it is time for a change.

The firm I work for currently is over 100 years old. We’ve historically had some insane claims. The Titanic, Hindenburg and the 9/11 attacks on the Twin Towers were all files handled by my company to name a few.

As a treat, here is the Lloyds of London slip showing the underwriters & their amounts for the Titanic. Most people don’t understand, but Lloyds is not an insurance company, it is a market that facilitates private investors to insure risks as an investment.

For a premium of ÂŁ7,500 per ship, the ship was insured for 12 months with a limit of ÂŁ1million. 12 insurers and over 50 investing syndicates participated in the risk as you can see below. Our letterhead (at the time) is at the top. Needless to say, it was not a great investment.


While the new job is a step down in prestige, it is a step up in experience, work/life balance and pay. I look forward to it.


I am pretty sold on a Wrangler. I looked at sedans, hatches and even wagons before deciding what I needed was as close to the opposite of a Fiesta ST as I could get. Bad handling, even worse build quality than a Mexican built subcompact

It won’t be for a little while or a few months, but I likely will purchase a Wrangler Sport S (either lightly used or new) with a 6 speed manual and soft top.


Any Jeep that I buy will need a new shift & transfer case knobs right away, an Oppo sticker and I think I will have a Sergio Marchionne sticker commissioned. I owe him one. I have a few mods planned, nothing crazy.