It’s days like this I am thankful for Oppositelock.

Harold had some advice for me today:


I thought to myself, “Well, why the fuck not?” My wife and doggo were out and about, and I had a few hours to be productive. As I mentioned before I had recently developed an idling issue. I replaced the fuel filter the other day which, as I suspected, improved nothing. Okay, time for further troubleshooting. I went and grabbed some starter fluid and sought out any potential vacuum leaks that might have developed. I looked down at the garage floor at the usual oil drips, and saw an unusual hue of oil. It looked like a little bit of oil mixed with gas. Smelled like it, too. Better check for gas leaks under there while I’m at it, I thought.

I went back to the garage to start the search for leaks (vacuum or gas). Whilst squirting around, I discovered... this:

That is some kind of joiner piece on the fuel line coming from the fuel pump. It is was hanging on by maybe 1/16". I carefully grabbed it, at which point the slightest bit of pressure caused gas to pour down my hand. Not only was it leaking at both ends, it was leaking in the center. The entire part had failed (as shown in the lede image). Off to the auto parts store I went.


I have to say, fumbling with gas lines over a hot engine was about as extreme as I’m willing to live. After some quintuple-checking and some kung-fu-grip clampage, I am alive and the gas is properly contained.


It is not pretty, but it works. I plan to replace that entire line once I figure out what to do with this aftermarket fuel regulator the previous owner felt necessary to slap on. I’m not sure any of this had much to do with the idling issue (though I hope so), but I’m happy that I found it in time.

Think about that... I was maybe one drive, one speedbump away from that entire line slipping off and spraying gas all over my engine with me inside a rolling deathbox. Life is funny like that...


I’m going to have a beer now and not dwell on that. Cheers! :)

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