You know what really bothers me? The non use of the term UTE.

To Start:

ute – an abbreviation for “utility” or “coupé utility” – is a term used originally in Australia and New Zealand to describe usually two-wheel-drive, traditionally passenger vehicles with a cargo tray in the rear integrated with the passenger body; as opposed to a pickup truck whose cargo tray is not integrated with the passenger body.

When someone takes a Bel Air or a Ferrari or a 928 and makes it into a small pick up it’s then a UTE like the infamous Maloo. But some reason here in the US people call them all El Caminos. THEY ARE NOT EL CAMINOS!!! That was one model of UTE made by Chevrolet. That doesn’t make all UTEs El Caminos. Like the square, All El Caminos are UTEs, but not all UTEs are El Caminos.


UTE is a category like SUV and CUV. And thus the Jetta you hacked up and made into a vehicle with a utility bed YOU DID NOT magically make a Chevrolet product, you made a UTE.


I get it, it is like calling any hook and loop fastener Velcro or copy machines Xerox, but in this application it makes even less sense. And I would very much like it if publications and other enthusiast social media would start using the correct term. I am tired of them all being “El Caminos” because you don’t call the Ford Ranchero the Ford El Camino. If El Camino was a trim level then it would be different, but it isn’t. It is a model name!