Yup. That’s road paint. Went on a highway ramp in the middle of the night: no signs, no cones, no workers. Just wet paint.

I tried fiercely to get it off at in the middle of the night about 2 hours after it happened, but it turned out I was just making things worse.(See the streaks? That’s clear coat scratch).

You need some pretty strong stuff to get it off. I tried the recommended “WD-40" method that was posted by the DOT. Didn’t help at all. Had to move up to some pretty nasty stuff.

Pictured: actual purchased product.


With this in hand, I spent the next 2 hours in the sun trying to gently get it all off. I had to stop using latex gloves because this stuff was literally burning through them, and transferring the blue glove colour onto the car.

After many microfibre towels, I finally got most of it off.


I have also created some spots underneath that I have to paint/clear coat, which is extremely frustrating because this car was repainted by the previous owner last year. The paint was mint.

My initial failure left the most noticeable scars, and I didn’t bother with the wheel wells yet.


Here’s hoping I can wax it out. And also that my fingers don’t fall off.

Anyone have experience dealing with scratches like this?