I've been trying to do most of the work on my Skyline GTS-T myself but there are some things I just can't do. For example I couldn't figure out what was causing my cooling issue so I took it to a mechanic who just fucked things up further before finally fixing it and ended up paying out the ass for it. Well. That saga continues.

Next I had to install a boost controller, it required soldering which i'm unwilling to learn, so I had that assembled and it seemed successful. Until I realized the solenoid was set up incorrectly. At my tuner. In Arizona. Luckily they were gracious enough to fix it for me without charge.

Then I took the car to get tuned in Arizona. I won't mention who did this fuckery just yet because i'm giving them a chance to rectify what they did.

When I took the car there I had some spark issues, which they fixed. Plugs were incorrectly gapped. I had Apexi Power FC which they said they could tune. Unfortunately I dropped the car off there and left because I was behind a massive line. They called me and said that they couldn't get the car to start or if it did start the gauges didn't work. Little did I know at the time that this gauge issue was impossible, when I posted that they said this on skyline enthusiast sites they said that this wouldn't happen. So they then "tuned" my car with a boot cut defender and got it running right. Of course by tuned they made no map, they just ran my car at the dyno and setting unsafe boost settings on my boost controller. Unsafe because later on when I was driving it was peaking at 16psi when the ceramic turbos in the car typically get destroyed above 14. Keep in mind that I know how to adjust this boost controller. I could have done the shit they did myself and they charged me upwards of $800 for this shit.

When I arrived at home I decided to sell the Power FC but not wanting to sell a defective product on ebay I decided to put it in my car. Car started. No gauge issue. Did the idle learning that you must do on the power FC. Works. Drove the car around the block. It runs rough but it runs and is ready for a tune. Needless to say I am furious right now and i'm going to call these people when I have my lunch break at work.


TL;DR: Tuner says my Power FC wouldn't start charged me $800 for tune anyways, drove it home, got power FC working myself.

This tuner has a good reputation nationally. It's why I left the state and drove 5 hours to get to them.