Terrible Parking Job: New Orleans

I was in Louisiana last week on business. My last night there featured dinner in New Orleans and parking in a very, very tight garage. When we got our vehicle parked we were stopped by a couple guys trying to help some girl with her car. She had managed to swing into a spot so that she crushed her rear passenger side door against a pillar...and got stuck. Four of us lifted the car up and shifted it about 6 feet to the left so she could pull forward into the spot.

“Thank you so much, guys, I really appreciate it.”

Then she walked away.

I was in disbelief because although her car wasn’t in perfect condition but this move absolutely screwed up the side of the car...and she didn’t even go to look at it.


Truth be told, I’m not surprised. She wasn’t exactly with it and we were right by Bourbon Street.

Brownie points to the garage for using tapered columns.

Have you seen any good bad parking jobs lately?

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