We finally made the last leg of our trip today. West of Baton Rouge lies a 10-mile -long bridge over the Atchafalaya basin. The bridge is fairly narrow with no shoulders and speed limits are set differently for trucks and cars. As you can guess, accidents are common and when they happen, the interstate is shut down since there’s nowhere to go. Our trip was delayed by one today.

To make room for emergency vehicles, both lanes of traffic have to squeeze as close to the guard rails as possible so the emergency vehicles can go up the middle. Here’s where the terrible people show up. There were two cars chasing the ambulance and fire truck that passed us today. They weren’t running emergency lights, so I doubt they were volunteer emergency services. As soon as they passed, this douchebag in an F-150 who was near me in line decided he would jump in behind them. He only managed one car length before I and the mustang ahead of him cut him off. His one car length did get him around one other car.

I do wonder what happened to the ambulance chasers. It’s my understanding that state police officers take that behavior seriously, but I don’t know if someone further up the que managed to cut them off. I wish I’d had a dash cam running so I could provide some footage for the police. I need to look into getting one soon.