The Tesla Model S is certainly an incredible car isn't it? It's not my cup of tea personally, but as far as engineering and design are concerned, the Model S is a world class automobile and possibly (gasp) the future.

Now I can't say anything about Tesla owners or enthusiasts, but having scrolled through the comment section of Saabkyle04's review of the Tesla, I felt I just needed to share the highlights of some of these avid EV fanatics.


Here's the link to investigate for yourself.

(Disclosure: Never, NEVER read YouTube comments)

(Disclosure Disclosure: I'm sure real EV enthusiasts aren't this daft.)

"Personally, I don't enjoy breathing carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, unburned hydrocarbons, soot, etc. Also who cares if there's no engine noise if it's fast?"


"You do know that the TESLA P85 Model S has the equivalent of a little over 400HP & 400TQ. Also you are aware that it runs down the 1/4 mile in the 12.30 range, right? Good luck with that classic car you'd rather drive, lol"

"The TESLA P85 is by far & away the best car I've ever driven, In terms of power it has 400+hp & 450+TQ it's 100% with no maintenance to perform on it. Who gives a shit about a Ferrari 458 when you have a TESLA? A friend of mine bought it. He looked at all other cars in that price range & this car SMOKED them all in every way. It was a no brainer to get it."


"I prefer fully autonomous, electric cars over today's cars. You not wanting to buy these cars in the future is given zero fucks by logic; cars aren't fucking toys but means of transportation."

"What if it had an outdoor speaker system that could recreate the sound of a V8 accurately, and you could feel the vibrations of the non-existent engine?"


"I think people need to let go of their fascination with engine sound, it's a thing of the past."

"I for one am happy with a quite car, i really hate noisy cars, especially the sound of a v8 engine, I don't get it what's so great about that noise?? For me the most important thing is power and performance, so yeah, v8 go back to your cave you are all noise and no bite.. Let the more serious engines do the work (5kg watermelon size 400bhp FTW!)!!!"


Hopefully this is not the future of automotive enthusiasts.

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