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Tesla has released their Q1 2018 update

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And it seems to me that it’s not the doom and gloom situation recent articles have indicated.

One pleasant surprise was the energy generation/storage business was up 92% year over year... and that they’re making money on it. Though it doesn’t have as much margin as the Model S/X does.


And one thing that will be interesting to watch in the coming quarters is Service Revenue. As more Model 3 units get sold, it means more units out there making use of the supercharger service potentially.

And cash flow was negative... but from what I see, they have more than enough cash for the next 3 quarters... and by that time, Model 3 production will be much higher and providing a lot of cash. So from what I see, unlike recent reports have stated, I believe Tesla WON’T need to raise additional cash... UNLESS the take on a few more capital-intensive projects beyond what they’re already working on.


Update: I posted this since I didn’t see anything on Jalopnik. But now I do see this:

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