Tesla Just Hit The Jackpot in South Korea

Tesla started delivery of the Model S in South Korea just last month and already has a six month waiting list just to drive the cars. The cars didnt qualify for the government ev incentive because they take longer than 10-hours to charge (big batteties). Whelp, starting in September, Tesla cars will enjoy a revised EV incentive which takes the equivalent of $23,000 off the sticker prices. This is in a major automotive market that LOVES techy cars, ADORES premium cars, and was only able to FANTASIZE about the type of performance these cars throw down.

All this on the eve of the Model 3 coming their way and it will end up starting under $20,000! Expect a variety of EVs to hit the market with the highest amount aggression. All while Hyundai is struggling to find batteries for its Ioniq EV which is proving to sell at double the volume they expected and before HMG can get the Kona EV and Niro EV to market and Genesis figuring out exactly what type of alternative powertrains it wants to focus on. Tough luck for Hyundai, great news for Tesla and all the Model 3 fighters on the way.


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