Upon news of the Model 3 coming in both a sedan and crossover form to please the masses, I anticipate some skepticism from my fellow Jalops.


This may be well deserved given the endless delays and opaque deadlines on the release of the Model X, battery swap stations and other things that have been announced with much fanfare from Tesla.

Just for fun, and maybe a beer if we ever meet in person, let’s wager here on Oppo just when the Model 3 will be available. To avoid any ambiguity with pre-orders, etc, let’s try to choose the date when the first one is expected to be delivered. Price-Is-Right rules in effect - closest without going over.

I’ll keep a running spreadsheet of dates that have been selected and by whom. My wager was 2nd quarter 2018 - but to be more specific I will go with May 13, 2018.

Let me know your choice in the comments and I’ll get a link to a google doc once we have some interest going and we want to keep track.

UPDATED - here is a doc with all the dates, good luck to all and there are plenty of dates yet to choose! Listed in chronological order for ease of viewing.

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