There aren’t a lot of good verified towing tests on any electric models, mostly because as far as I can work out the model X is the only one that CAN tow worth a damn. This is a comparison between 2 great tow vehicles pulling a ~3800 lb trailer over good terrain to give an idea of range and consumption. I’m not against electric cars at all, but they have a long way to go to replace ICE in some applications. Towing, road trips and off-highway travel are big ones.

144 miles to dead empty is just not long enough legs towing and that’s with the biggest battery you can buy in a BEV towing a relatively light trailer.


The rivian can have up to 180kwh (with a rumor add on pack for an additional 50-80kwh booster pack for a total of up to* 260 kwh. Thats a lot of battery. If it used the same amount of power as the X (doubtful given the CD and size/weight of the thing) then you would be looking at over 350 miles range with MAX BATTERY MODE! Thats good. That being said, you had better hope your destination is at the end of your 350 miles, because putting 260 kwh back in, even at fast rates, is going to take HOURS.

Makes me wonder what the 180kwh model towing near its max tow would do for range. my guess is about the same as the model X; somewhere in the 150 mile range...and thats just not enough, unless the thing you are towing also has a generator running.

Actually...if you could use a high amp connector from the trailer to the tow vehicle you could use your RV generator to increase range. It wouldn’t be enough and it would be hilariously bad for the environment but it’s already there just sitting. Plus solar, if your trailer is big enough you could easily have 3kw solar on the roof. Why not? a 12kw genset and 3kw solar with the appropriate controller could net you about 13kwh (with losses) additional boost. That could put you back up into 200-300 mile range depending on load versus 100-150 mile range.

I guess people are going to have to start inventing catalyzed gensets with integrated power management for solar and high load transfer.


At that point though, you are talking about thousands in solar, generator and battery pack upgrades in addition to the high cost of the trailer. its not remotely cost effective, but it could get you to your destination with fewer stops, which would be nice.

*assuming it all actually comes out that way in the end.