I recently got the opportunity to spend some time with a Tesla Roadster. The Tesla roadster was Teslas first car, introduced in 2008, it was met with praise. Today, it is sometimes overshadowed by new and higher tech models such as the Model S P90D and Model X. This model was a 2010 sport model. The Roadster is a very different beast from the Model S and Model X, being built on a Lotus glider and using a rear engine electric motor, it made for a truly electrifying experience. I think we should start with the interior. The Tesla’s of today have high end interiors with screens the size of North Dakota, the Tesla Roadster’s interior is simple with an average sized screen and buttons while the gorgeous steering wheel has perfect proportions. That said, it is very hard to get in and out of, it feels like getting in and out of a Viper. Lets talk design, a simple design, but very pretty. It is slightly different than the Lotus platform that it was based on, with classy but sporty lines. How does it drive? It drives pretty darn great! The steering is very playful, darting around corners with extreme playfulness. I love the power delivery! The road that we chose to drive it on was a riverside country road. Think of it like this, you are diving along silently listening to the birds when you meet a straight strech of road, you press on the accelerator and you hear a sci-fi like whirr that immediately puts you back in your seat while you sprint briskly to 60 mph. That never got old. It has a range of 244 miles and 290 horsepower and 295 lb-ft of tourque. A big advantage is its 2,877 lb weight which makes it even more spry and joyful.