I know some of you may be shocked, REALLY SHOCKED, to hear this, but I’m a *bit* of a Tesla fan.

And I’ve own their stock in the past... but I’m not a fan to the point that I’ll just blindly hold their stock.


I sold in in Q4 of last year for a tidy profit when the news coverage was sounding a bit too ‘rosy and perfect’.

Lately, the TSLA coverage has been mostly doom and gloom and as a result, they hit a 52 week low and the shares are now below what what I paid the first time I bought back in 2016.

So today I decided to take the plunge and now I’m a TSLA shareholder again for the time being.

The way I see it, the Tesla of today has all the same uncertainties and threats of Tesla of 2016.


But the difference is today, their sales are way higher, they have more assets, they have more product diversity and they learned a lot of hard mass-production lessons through the Model 3 that will be good for the company in the long run.

It will interesting to watch how Tesla and the auto industry evolves over the next year or two. 

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