Tesla “Smart” Summon

I guess it’s not exactly news, but I didn’t know about this until tonight, but Telse rolled out a new feature called Smart Summon. Where you can hold a button on your smart phone and your Tesla will drive itself to you.

Don’t get me wrong, this feature is really cool, in theory. I remember as a kid 10 or 12 years old thinking how cool it would be if the family car could just drive itself too us in the Walmart parking lot. However at this point it’s a gimmick, and a dangerous one at that. Even if the Tesla won’t run into anything, it’s lack of parking lot etiquette could confuse drivers or pedestrians, and cause problems that way.


Also I want to mention that the teal highlights on this guy’s Model S are sick.

This owner got a bit more brave with his car. And you can see it has an even harder time. It seems like it only “sees” things within 5 feet of the car. When it gets to more open areas it has a really hard time. I’m sure it’s using GSP as well. And as you can see it has no way to tell which side of the road it would be on. Which is a problem

There’s also another video of one running a stop sign and getting pulled over. Either this is the nicest cop ever or it’s staged. I’m not sure. I’ll leave that up to you

i think at best Smart Summon is a gimmick, and at worst a safety hazzard. But for sure it shows how far off we are from any fully autonomous cars roaming the streets. These Tesla’s can’t even manage to navigate a parking at 5mph without looking like a the driver is drunk... and legally blind.

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