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Tesla updates Model S with Hitler mustache; Torch still unaware Model S/X has Hitler mustasche

Well, I guess it’s more of a pencil mustache, but it still makes the car look like Hitler to me. Not that pencil mustaches belong anywhere beyond 1954 anyway. This is why I like the Model 3 so much in how it just completely does away with any pretense of a grille whatsoever instead of going for the pencil/Hitler look. Either way, it’s a bad image and bad association, Elon. I’m starting to wonder he plans to buy up a chain of thrift stores to ensure every Tesla owner gets a free lounge jacket with their purchase. Also Torch how blind do you have to be to call this gorgeous? Sorry but after like the third time of insisting this kind of monstrosity is “gorgeous” and “the way forward” I just can’t keep it to myself any longer.

Then again it’s not like having a Hitler-’stache is the worst thing in the world for a car to have.


Oh, also, I’ll edit this post if people feel offended by the Hitler thing. It’s no big deal for me to sanitize it but the whole Nazi thing is always a big deal, so if people think I’ve gone too far I understand.

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