And its pretentious as hell. Videos sowing Karma owners who seem to be well to do people going on weekend getaways (For some reason every video they have shows a Cialis aged man with a woman that looks to be in her mid 20's.)

I thought Tesla was for rich snooty yuppies, but at least Tesla doesn’t really outright make it blatantly clear that’s who they are for. Like they literally make it known in one of their videos on the site who the car is for, and I quote :“Most people buy what they need. Some buy what they want. Few buy what they dream. We exist for those few.” Pretty much saying if you aren’t those few you cant have one.

I give them credit for a few things though that I like. Their site is nicely designed and they tied interior and exterior colors to Southern California landscapes, and even named one of the exterior color choices after my city and its desert backdrop (Moreno Brown). I also appreciate how they seem to take SoCal into effect in its manufacturing and styling influences, though they wrongly tout that a car hasn’t been built in Southern California in decades. Um, Saleen has been making cars in SoCal for years and its only about 25 miles from their factory.

I don’t seem them lasting long though and I’ve said this before. They are putting a lot on a car who’s design hasn’t been changed or universally praised, especially the interior, which looks like something out of an early 00's concept car. Not only that you can find the things used with low miles for under 45 grand:


They took a car and changed nothing but the name and gave it some different colors and are charging way more for it. With all the few options ticked, it rings in right under $140 grand. That’s insane. Tesla, you have nothing to be worried about from Karma. I don’t see them being around by 2020.