test from android

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ok good, the letter I works finally. Before, I would be typing a paragraph and as soon as a word had the letter "i", the text line would jump a couple sentences back and auto-fill what I saw currently typing. Working good now. Finally my fear of making a long post on my potato is gone :]

as for the picture, it is from work. We have the largest Lotus inventory in the country. These 10 plus 2 more by the Volvo in the main showroom. The yellow one is a 2011 lol :] Selling below cost as a brand new car. With Jag across the street and Alfa Romeo on the next block, we are due for an even slower sales year in 2015. Average price in our fleet is $88,000.


EDIT: it failed to load the first time, brought it back from the saved composition back up, TAG did not save.