Roommate and I are going to test drive some options for his next car(s) on Wednesday.

Turns out, even though the larger Scion dealership here in Greenville can't keep an FRS in stock and never gets any stick shift ones in, the smaller dealership in Easley has THREE, yes THREE, manual-trans FR-S's in the lot right now.

So yes, we are going to test drive them on the same road where I test drove one last year and still get a little grinny when I think back on it.

We're also going to test drive a couple 1st-gen Miatas for sale in the area (he's buying one as a second vehicle in addition to his new daily, so he can work on it and make it his 'learn to track' car, under my 'tutelage'.).

And...we stumbled upon a BMW 323i and a 328Ci for sale for under $7k each, both with manual transmissions and shop warranties, so we're driving those as well. He's looking for something to replace his '05 Ford Focus 5MT and is dead set on non-FWD and a clutch pedal. As such, he's been coming to me for advice, as he knows I'm a pretty decent gearhead. Hell, I'm the one who convinced him to get an older Miata if he wants me to teach him to drive, rather than just operate. I've even gotten him to make an account on Jalopnik, haha.


So yeah, looking forward to Wednesday.