Test drive review - 2016 Hyundai Tucson Limited Ultimate 1.6T

Today, my mother and I went to a Subaru dealership and than a Hyundai one. At the Subaru dealership we only talked negotiated a lease for a Crosstrek. The salesman realized he couldn’t get my mom’s lease in early so we parted ways and said to come back in a few months. At the Hyundai dealer, the salesman (a very pushy one) immediately got us into a test drive in a silver Tucson.

It drove well, steering wasn’t too weird for a Hyundai and had a good amount of power. It also had so many stupid gadgets and gizmos that I (and thankfully my mother) didn’t care about. Didn’t really feel like it has a turbocharger, which could be a good thing. Overall it’s probably a good car for most people. If she decides to get one, it probably won’t be from that dealer as the salesman really wanted to get us to sign a deal today and didn’t “get” that we didn’t want to sign today. The biggest kicker is that the price for the Limited Trim (without the Ultimate Package) is $32k! A Subaru Crosstrek Limited is 7k less, even though the Subaru is smaller. These “Ultimate,” “Platinum,” or whatever they name the ultra top-trim levels are pretty stupid in my opinion, I guess that’s how they reap in the profits.

Legacy sti for your time


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