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Test Drive Scheduled

So my old dealership sold the 328xi this week. Shame since I’ve done so much research on that N51 engine and should have been sleep. But any new car knowledge is good knowledge.

So in light of that fact my car search continued. Looked at a few WRX’s but finding one with reasonable mileage in my price range is almost a lost cause. Looking for those particularly 08 and up. Scanned around for Civic Si’s and their prices seem to have gone up since I last checked. The K20 equipped one’s are really holding their value.


Found a FoST I’m interested in. Decent mileage and comes pretty much loaded. Has the one thing I desired most which is the Recaro seats.



Continued my search again but this time for a Honda Coupe V6. Had a fond memory of chirping the tires a few times back when I used to work at a Honda dealership as a salesman. Never again will I get into that line of work. Oppo “you gotta see this”.

2009, 53k miles, 1-Owner and $3k short of my max budget. Think I’d be a fool not to give this a look.

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