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Tomorrow at lunch I’m set to drive a blue 3 pedal VW Golf Alltrack. Normally this is a confident end of the road for me. I picked the car, I just have to drive it and buy it. This is a little different because I definitely won’t be buying this car because it isn’t green. To further complicate matters, I’m normally 98% sure that I will like the car I am about to drive. Here I am more like 65% sure.

Silk Blue

I’ve been on hundreds of test drives, so have you guys. What do you like to do, not do to get the most out of your test drives? Anything you want to know about the car?


I always like to take a friend. I’ve almost always got a drive without the salesman that way. Other wise I like to go quick though at least 3 turns, and go through at least the first three gears on the floor.

I’m not sure if the car is “silk blue” or “night blue” and I’m not sure if it’s got the beige or black interior. Either way it’s not a combo I’d go for unless they were offering the car at a significant discount.

Night Blue

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