So I just took my own car on a test drive. A 2,5 hour test drive on the absolute worst conditions Porto Alegre has to offer, just to see if he could handle it and the little fixes from the weekend were holding. I'm actually feeling bad for putting the old fart through all of this, but I need to know I can count on him as much as he can count on me. Now I know.

A few things I learned:
. It can go up some very steep hills in third. I'm impressed.
. Timing belt maintenance looms in my near future.
. Overheating is not on this car's dictionary. It just isn't.
. Neither is cobbling. I think I broke two teeth driving down a cobbled street. Talk about harsh ride.
. Spark plug lead maintenance looms in my near future.
. Cleaning, polishing and adjusting relay contacts is the first thing to be done when having electrical issues.
. There's absolutely nothing good on the radio. I just heard a song called "kiss on the shoulder" which embarrassed me of my condition as a human being.
. I should start a clandestine radio station.
. My exhaust note can fire up car alarms.
. Moving is overrated. Traffic Jams are the new cruising.
. Overall, that car will probably go another 18 years easy. If Fiat of Fiat-fame built one car to last, it's this Tipo.