Test driving the Miata for the track day

Today I took the Miata to work, so I figured I would take a nice spirited run of Decker Rd in order to test the car out. I usually go that way when I am driving home in the Miata, but I figured now would be a good time to pay attention to make sure nothing is off or out of place. Drive went well and aside from my unfixed speed sensor and cam position sensor wiring throwing a CEL, nothing was wrong. Tires are still doing fine, suspension is working properly, and no issues with the new exhaust. I did find out that my camera is mounted pretty poorly and way too close to the mirror, but that will be an easy fix. I also found out my harness is not adjusted properly and I need to remove the seat again to fix it. I will be buying a nice ratcheting, flex-head wrench from Lowes tomorrow to make quick work of that. I’d like to invest money in a whole set, but I need to research that some m0re. Anyways, here is the video. Sorry I forgot to turn off the radio, I would have rather recorded just exhaust sounds.

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