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Took a look at Chevy’s new “cheap” track car, and went for a quick spin! Ask me anything!

It was the first one our nearest Chevy dealer received. Six-speed manual, with most of the options besides the Recaro seats and the sunroof. Sticker totaled just over $40k, but the V6 1LE we cheap enthusiast would probably buy would only be ~$37k.

Pic from Automobile - These are the Recaros, but the base seats had a very similar two-tone design, leather.

Ok, not really, the one we enthusiasts would ACTUALLY buy would be over 5 years old and we would be the third owner! Seriously though, these V6 1LEs should be awesome performance values once depreciation kicks in.

I sat in it and climbed all over it. It was the first time I’ve really spent time up close with the 6th gen, so I had a lot of detailed questions for the poor salesman. I’m a 6'3" lanky dude, so my biggest question was will I fit? Unlike the other small engine, RWD, Italian/Japanese sportscar Oppo goes crazy for, I am happy to report that the Camaro fit me perfectly! The seat wasn’t even all the way back, but I did have it as low as it goes. No sunroof helped a lot.

Small note on the sunroof for the 6th gen - I really like all the little folds and creases in the overall design. The hood and roof panel are especially pretty in my eyes. BUT if you opt for the sunroof, that cool, subtle double-bubble roof gets all flattened out. :/




Don’t get a sunroof on your (mostly) track car. 

I only took it for a quick drive so no real performance impressions, but I will say the steering was amazing. You could tell immediately that this thing was tuned for drivers.


The base seats were not bad. Plenty comfortable, but if you were really going to track this thing, you would want something with more lateral support. Going to look for another with the Recaros to try them out.

The dual mode exhaust was also WAY better than I expected from a V6. Only really loud when you want it to be. Very nice. Very racecar


Loved the feel of the manual. Super short throws and great clutch feel. The center console seemed pretty high, cutting into elbow room, which made the throw a tad awkward for my long arms. I’m used to my little economy car with no center console, so that was big difference to me. I feel an owner would adjust to it, though.

I sat in a Z51 Stingray with the Competition seats right after the 1LE and have to admit I almost felt like I had more room in the Vette. That’s a compliment to the Vette and a knock against the Camaro. The Competition seats in the Vette are amazing, btw. Some of the best I’ve sat in.


Anything else you want to know? Ask away!

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