Test drove a 2019 STI - much visceral

Test drove a 2019 WRX STI today. It was so different than any car I’ve driven in recent memory. Very visceral! Stiff clutch, notchy shifter, tight steering, loud, fast. Loud and fast. Big wing, hood scoop. I kinda’ fell in love with it and hated it at the same time. I can’t image using it as a daily. Just too raw.

It didn’t have the optional armrest. I know I should be at 10 and 2 at all times, but in DC traffic, you’re idling 75% of the time waiting for traffic to move, so not having an armrest was annoying. Not a big deal, just sort of odd that they don’t give you an armrest in a 40K car.

The radio interface was also terrible. I hated the touch screen interface, it was slow and un-user-friendly.


But that motor. Man oh man. That SOB will get up and GOOOOO!!!!! I’m normally a pretty conservative driver, but driving that thing makes me want to go fast all the time. I’m sure it would be a ticket magnet - it was red with a giant wing. LOL!

God bless you guys and gals who drive these in traffic every day. 

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