One of my favorite hobbies is test driving cars. Since I get bank holidays off and my wife doesn’t, these are usually my opportunity to scratch this itch. I intended to test drive a few yesterday, including a Stinger GT, but started running out of time, so I went to the closest dealership to me.

International Autos Alfa Romeo.

I routinely drive by this dealership and have been ogling their offerings for some time, not to mention I simply think the Guilia is a gorgeous car, so I stopped in. As predicted, there were no other customers, and just a single sales person on duty, who started a month before and knew almost nothing. No matter.


While they did not have any rwd Guilias (AWD is all anyone wants in Wisconsin), they did have a number of them. I ended up test driving a base Guilia, but I’m kicking myself for not taking out a sport or TI sport. I would have loved to have driven a Quadrifoglio, but I figured that may be a long shot. It is gorgeous though.

I ended up test driving the red one in the middle, which came with red interior. I will not that half the reason I test drive cars is to find out whether I’ll fit in them. At 6'5", there are a lot of fun cars that are crossed out. Also, since I’m in my late 30s, I’m less forgiving of uncomfortable spaces. The good news is that I fit in the Guilia well.


Here is the link to the car I drove:

While not as fast as some of the vehicles I’ve driven in the past, in particular the E63, it was more than adequate. Especially considering how nice it drove and sounded. Considering would be doubling the MPG i get commuting, i could live with it. It just always felt planted.


The added bonus is that it actually had a usable back seat for my daughter. A two seater would be nice, but if I can’t take my kid to school in it, it won’t get much use.

I talked to the manager about pricing and options. The 2019s are coming out, but you can still find 2018s and even 2017s relatively easily. Considering it seems they’ve gotten their electrical gremlins under control, there seems to be deals out there. I would not own it out of warranty yet though. Next year the first ones should be coming off of lease, so I’ll be interested to see what they’re going for certified. 


TL;DR - The Guilia is a great car and i want one. Although I would go for a Guilia TI Sport Q2/4 to be determined. 

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