Test drove an Impreza and had a ATS4 for the weekend

So actually test drove an Impreza yesterday. We want to replace he wife’s Elantra with this for me. It’s a manual 2015 with 45000 kms on it. My wife needs the 7 passenger pathfinder to hawl the kids around, and I need manual back in my life. That and better fuel economy than my path.

We dropped of my pathfinder and the kids with my mom for the weekend and she gave me her caddy ATS 4. So tiny, my head was hitting the roof almost every bump I hit. Open the rear doors to put a bag, and noticed the very little leg room in the rear. I wasn’t impressed with the transmission, felt slow to shift. To be fair, I never liked automatics, and even like them even less since I have the pathfinder cvt smooth and constant acceleration.



So now I have to see how much they would give me for the Elantra.

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