I got an offer of a $40 Visa Gift Card to test drive a new Hyundai (here’s the link to do that if anyone wishes) and the Honda dealer across the street from the Hyundai dealer had a grey ‘05 S2000 identical to the one pictured. I’ve always sort of liked the S2000, but never driven or ridden in one, and since the day was dismal and dreary and the car lot empty (wouldn’t tire kick on a day when it was busy) I went to take a look.

Holy heck was I impressed. I’ve driven some fairly driver-oriented cars (including the two I own) but nothing close to this. It was great to drive, and surprisingly comfortable. The seats actually fit my stout build much better than my Saabaru, which surprised me. What I loved the most was the feel of everything, both to touch and to operate. The clutch, gas, brakes, steering, and especially the super short throw shifter were all a delight. Also, I tend to thing the Germans are the masters of interior layout, but this thing was pretty damn good. Everything was so close to the steering wheel/shifter that you barely needed to move your hand, and apart from a few select buttons hidden behind the thick but tiny steering wheel, was very easy to find. I also find it to be a very attractive car. Long story short...I kinda want an S2000 in my life at some point. It’s probably not gonna be my next car, given how well they hold value, but maybe the one after that...

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