It was Fantastic!

(This was my test vehicle! my Dad's in the upper left corner.)

I knew I was right in choosing this as my new car. I'll miss the Astra, but my god was that a genuinely fun car to drive; in in the wet and dreary weather south eastern Michigan is giving me.

As you can see, my tester was Oxford White, and it was the ST2 trim with partial leather Recaros. Those seats fit me perfectly like a glove. As it was the first turbo car I've ever driven and only the third manual car I've driven(Chevy Calvalier and S-10, none of which were mine) It was great!

The best part was that I was showing up my dad with my 2 hours of manual experience. Mind you, he has a '74 911 that I brag about constantly to my friends. I shifted quicker than him and did a few 0-60 pulls at stoplights; now I know he wasn't happy about that but I know the boy-racer in him was impressed and proud of my driving skills even though he didn't want to admit it.

The shifter is smooth through the gears and the clutch is light, though rather springy at the top. Acceleration is great, handling in wet weather was great on the summer tires amazingly! Overall fantastic car for a great price IMO.


Can't wait to pick up my Performance Blue ST1 in a couple weeks!