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Test Drove the Titan PRO 4X and new Tahoe

I have test driven all the other trucks in the segment and wanted to give the Titan a fair shake. The technology is better than the Silverado and tundra, but the interfaces you touch aren’t really comparable. However if I was planning to spend a lot of time offroad I’d give it some more serious thought

I had 10 months driving the last gen Tahoe, and I was expecting a huge difference. The legroom is great and the suspension is better. Highway cruising and braking is was the most improved feature I noticed. However their reluctance to put ACC in the Z71 trim and below makes no sense to me. Finally if this interior will carry over to the Silverado it won’t be very competitive against the new F150 and Ram, I don’t think the reviews will be glowing. I did think the Tahoe looked sharp.


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