Well, I got a chance to ride the new Kawasaki z1000 this weekend. local dealer was having a demo day and I got there in time to snag the last z.

power: good lordie......My daily rider has less then 1/2 the hp of this bike. I didnt get the chance to really give it the beans until about 1/2 through the ride, and this is what happened:

get going. SLOWLY roll on the gas as I dont wanna flip it. clutchless change into second. back off the gas. notice that I was wheely-ing the entire time and that I hit 170km/h on it. oops. (the guys running the ride didnt notice though.)

then I hit the brakes. I swear i would have stopped slower if I ran into a brick wall. THAT good.

handling was pretty good actually. I was ecpecting it to be a bit of a pig, but its wasnt bad at all.

the wind buffeting...this was kinda strange, as I was expecting MUCH more buffeting then my fully faired SV650S. but i didnt really feel any.....I could have been too busy hanging on for dear life though. so take that as you may.

Other notes. those exhaust cans are MASSIVE. they intrude on my heels as I'm riding, and I get the feeling those will be the first things to touch the ground in some harder cornering.

Another thing I noticed was the heat management. It is a naked bike, but my thighs got rather warm during the ride. hmmm. Maybe I just need to ride faster.....

Final verdict: I need this kinda power in my life. Looks like I will be doing a lot more demo rides this summer....

*credits for the photos go to their respective owners, asphaltandrubber.com for the first one, beforeitnews.com for the second