If I were to sell my 4Runner for, say $4500 or so, would any of you be interested? Here’s the deal - I want to look at the Mercedes wagon I posted about earlier, but my parents still haven’t sold our old house and as long as we still have the house they won’t let me look at anything else unless the 4Runner is sold. I don't want to be without a car temporarily, so if one of you guys was even willing to make the trek to Memphis to buy it, I might could see the Mercedes. I’ll eventually put it on craigslist, but I wanted to give you guys first dibs, and I want to make sure it ends up in good hands. For reference, it’s a bone stock 1995 4Runner SR5 4WD. The 3VZ-E was replaced at 214k or so and the car currently has around 224k on it. It’s cosmetically average, but it runs strong and it’s a great platform for a build or project. Price would be negotiable but we purchased the car for $3800 in 2012 and the engine replacement cost $1600 so $4500 is kinda underselling it. Let me know if you’d be genuinely interested and maybe I can get the ball rolling with the Mercedes.