The Porker is back alive. After Europpomeet Aftermath’s disaster struck all physical damage is repaired. Color difference seems minimal but I have yet to see it outside, I’ve only seen the car inside the shop (and outside in the evening). Insurance of the “other party” already payed out luckily. Or should I say finally?

Took the opportunity to refresh some stuff in the process. New tires. And mounted some yellow lenses for the foglights.


Things to be done: I ordered Bilsteins as replacement for the old, somewhat worn-out shocks. That in combination with the new tires should definitely improve the handling.

I’m having Lothar replace the oil-lines to the cooler up front. There seemed to be some dents in those up front, I’m sure the previous owner had a part in that (seems to be hurt by using some jack stands or something). And Lothar needs to sort out what the engine issue that led to all this actually is (“we” still think it’s the temp sensor of the Motronic, new one ordered).


Then the headlights themselves will receive yellow lenses as well and it’ll be finished then. For now. Next week.


That’s it for this update. Danke. Tschüss!

Never knew these replacement fenders would come with those fuel doors but they do!