I had to miss the 2nd day of the Europpomeet due to some health-issues back home. Being disappointed I’d miss the day at the Nordschleife I decided to take the 911 for a short spin before putting her back into my garage. Then... It started to stutter. It would idle but the moment I stepped on the gas it would just shut off the fuel or ignition, felt something like that. When I came to a halt at a parking I let it idle and noticed that after a few seconds it revved up a bit and then back to idle. Some cut in the plastics from throttle to inlet? Then it would be a constant uprevving, right? Some sensor (the L-Jetronic has 3!) of the fuel injection? Nothing I could fix there for sure. So I called roadside assistance. Who were not able to fix it either. So it had to be towed to my local shop, run by Lothar. Who’s closed at Sunday so they’d take it to their local storage and deliver it at Lothar’s next day. Then Lothar called on Monday morning before I was able to contact him. Asking what on earth had happened. I explained it all and then he asked “but what about that fender?”. What about what?

WHAT????? That’s not how I left it? No idea what that company did to it but that’s not how I left it. And that’s not all, the entire car was covered in splashes of coolant. It’s an AIRCOOLED car for God’s sake!


No idea how quick I’ll have this fixed but no one taking responsibility for this by themselves: what world we’re living in???? Better remember to take pictures of the car before it’s being towed next time, I’m glad I did! And damned: I’m beaten by a 300k / 17 year old 406 Coupé when it comes to reliability!