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In Texas, even in Austin, you’ll hear plenty of complaints about Californians moving to Texas and “Californian-ing” the place up. Something else you’ll hear, although not very often, is another problem with yankee furriners. That is the people, mostly hard-right, republicans, who come to Texas because they’ve built up in their minds an image of what Texas “really is” - and then they come here to build that over what Texas really is.

I was not born in Texas. My personal connection to this state only goes back about 15 years, and I’ve only lived in Texas since 2009. But my best friend since high school, has family here that have been here for generations. And he confirmed my thoughts about the death old old-school conservatism in this state, and rise of cheap-bullshit, chintzy, pretended-Texanism that has taken hold here over the past two decades or so. My coworker’s Father who is in his 80's, and has never left the state echoes these sentiments.


The people who think Alex Jones is an American hero - they come to Texas. Heck even Texas’ signature politicians, Ted Cruz and George W. Bush weren’t born in Texas. Their worshipers come to Texas - in search of a Texas that never existed. They’re here to build the new one. It’s this bunch that complains about Californians the loudest. It’s this bunch that’s scared of Mexicans (real Texans aren’t, they’ve lived in a state bordering Mexico their whole life - it doesn’t frighten them).

Older Texans don’t buy guns to show off how many guns they have, because they don’t believe owning more guns makes you more patriotic. Sure, you will have to pry their guns from their cold, dead hands, but their guns are just guns, tools, not symbols. It’s not something one brags about. Older Texans also generally aren’t afraid of Democrats, and don’t waste their breath whining about how politics has gone too far left. LBJ is still loved here.


It’s mostly yankees, who can’t deal with the reality of being yankees who come here and stupid the place up.