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Houston has been declared as a “Flash Flood Emergency” by the NWS, which is the rarely-used, shit-your-pants level above “Flash Flood Warning”. Flooding is rampant around the area, and we’re not even close to being done with the rain. If you’re in an affected area (not just H-Town), let us know if you’re okay.


I’m sitting here in the SW ‘burbs, dodging tornados (missed another one by a couple miles about 30 minutes ago). No threat of the house getting flooded out, but I have two friends who are on the cusp of having water in their homes. I am pretty sure I have a few other friends who are already flooded out, but haven’t told us yet. These are the days where I wish I still drove a 4x4 truck.

How are y’all doing, Texas Oppos? Do you need any help? 

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