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The Tarrant County Republican Party voted today on whether or not to oust the organization’s vice chairman, Shahid Shafi. Not because of illegal activity, or because he’s unfit for the job, but simply because he is Muslim.

The vote failed, 139-49, which means that 35% of the TCRP think that it’s okay to fire a guy for his religious beliefs. The leader of the movement to oust Mr. Shafi, Grand Prairie precinct chairwoman Dorris O’Brien, had this to say about the bid, on Facebook of course:

“We don’t think he’s suitable as a practising Muslim to be vice chair because he’d be the representative for ALL Republicans in Tarrant County, and not ALL Republicans in Tarrant County think Islam is safe or acceptable,” Mrs O’Brien wrote on 31 December 2018.


O’Brien also railed against what she called a “stealth jihad” and “Leftist/Shari’a Zuckerberg-ization of Tarrant County”

My question to Mrs. O’Brien is, “Are ALL Tarrant County Republicans Christians?” Because I bet there might even be [GASP] a Jew or two in your midst.

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