Texas, some things I like about you

1) “Y’all” - I won’t lie, it’s fucking adorable how you say it. You say it imbued with such warmth that I want to walk in and out of restaurants just to be greeted. In contrast, in California we have “dude,” which makes us sound stupid and we use a delivery that is either entirely valid or dripping with passive aggressive contempt. Bravo, Texas. You rule.

2) Common Sense Left Turns. Here, they have signals that protect your turn with a green arrow, but also turn yellow so you have to yield, but can still turn left when the light is green and oncoming traffic is clear. In California you are just protected or unprotected.


3) Friendliness. Man, people are nice here. When you look lost, they offer directions. Not just in the street, but in a department store. It doesn’t feel patronizing, it just feels nice. As a lifelong misanthrope, I find this welcoming behavior confusing.

4) You think it’s hot here. It is just the cutest thing how people keep apologizing for the weather. This ain’t hot people. I’m from Fresno - I know hot, and this is not hot. It’s lovely. A little sticky and sweaty, but I’m ok with that. It’ll take more than this to scare us off, Texas.

Never change, Texas. I am a fan.

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