If you do that, you need about 5 12ga slugs in your head.

Was out riding my bike and got hit by someone texting and driving. Luckily I am fine. My riding gear, helmet, gloves, armored jacket, pants and boots helped some.


But the worst is done to my poor bike. My right knee is bleeding but im at the hospital getting it looked at.

I took the stupid bitches phone and threw it. Even after she got out she kept texting with it. Another wonderful lady, saw it all and told the cop what happened.


The girl whined to the cops about me throwing her phone the cop said it wasnt his problem. He then told me I shouldn’t have done it but its understandable.

The girl was 17, driving mommy’s car. Which now has a GSXR rear wheel in the front bumper.


I was on my way to sell it to a guy so I could buy my next bike, which is on order at the dealership. The buyer just said he’ll find another and hope I get better.

Well its a dual PSA,hang the fuck up and drive, and riding gear can really help.


Heres a pic of what my next bike will look like. A black 17 CBR1000RR

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