You recognize a car on a big automotive website because you used to see it often locally in a past iteration. Speedhunters just ran an article on the Honeywell Garrett Boost Festival and I noticed a specific burnt-orange Cobalt in the cutting room floor section of photos.

That Cobalt has come a long way to where you see it now. Years ago, when I first joined SCCA and started autocrossing, I took notice of his Cobalt because it didn’t start out as a factory-boosted SS but rather a more simple LT-spec model. He converted the 2.2L engine to run a supercharger among other modifications to the car.


I really loved seeing that Cobalt kick ass because it wasn’t another Honda product that typically dominated the FWD categories. When I first saw it, I was still autocrossing my old Chevy HHR so it was even cooler to have not one but two FWD Chevys competing.

A few years ago he moved out west due to work and I forgot about its existence until reading SH. It’s awesome to see that the Cobalt continued to evolve and graduated from SCCA autocrossing to full-on Global Time Attack!

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