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Mary Jane Veloso, victim of horrendous circumstance and the demented drug trade but suspect from bringing $500,000 worth of heroin to Indonesia, is spared from death by firing squad after a reconsideration by Indonesia’s president. There’s still the cloud of death on her head, as it is a mere postponement, but Indonesia respected the Philippines’ judicial system and will let Veloso become a witness against her recruiter, who apparently became the one that got Veloso to carry a shady luggage carrying that much drugs without her knowing. It was her recruiter who seemingly saved her by showing up to authorities. Considering our country’s long and slow court proceedings, the decision basically bought enough time to get Veloso clemency.


It’s a shocking turn of events in a death row that saw two Australians, a Brazilian, and 4 other people die by the bullet and due to drugs some of the accused never knew they carried along with them.

Now, which would you take: the F12, the new Ford GT, or the GT2? I’ll have the F12.