If your Ford had a Matthew McConaughey, it would be a Lincoln

Thank God, the week is finally over.

Here is an incomplete reasons of why this week killed me:

- worked 61 hours

- blocked pipe in my sewer and a fat repar bill. Needless to say, he also attempted to upsell things that were totally unnecessary. He also tried to play the “we just had an earthquake and the next one could blah blah so you should buy a new everything“ card. This is the third trade attempting to scare me with fucking earthquakes. There are so few honest trades in left.


- nightmare customer who, among other things, instructed her neighbor to call and harass me because she wanted an order that she signed off for a 3-week lead time, in ONE. FUCKING. DAY. instead.

- coworker was sent home for having a breakdown (ranting and raving about various problems, unprofessional but still correct), then boss scolded me for “encouraging” him, even though the majority of events took place after I left...

- I also got into it with a coworker who said I only work hard to make other people look bad. Yes, she is in fact a horrible person.

- wife was gone most of the week as a camp counselor —which is good! But I missed her. She’s home now though!


So I bought a nice beer, ate a turkey sandwich and watched the sunset. When I’m sober, I’ll mull over whether I want to be a male prostitute much longer.

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