The shower started acting up the other week.

Granted it’s a 15 year old shower but the bathroom cost £10,000.

Turns out it’s the thermostat cartridge which if we couldn’t find a replacement would of necessitated a new shower and unit (£1,700) (a new base, back, screen, shower appliance, etc... would necessary as the current one is a one piece that has massage jets for neck, back, sides and head as well as a shower head and seat built it).

Found a website that said they can identify any cartridge from a photo.

Got the plumber back to take out the old cartridge so I could get a photo.

It didn’t want to come out quietly and so soaked the plumber (I gave him some cash for getting wet). Took the pictures, he replaced the cartridge temporarily so we could turn the water back on.


A company that said they could identify the cartridge got back in touch this morning, they identified the cartridge, had it in stock and had 23% off.

£61.80 later and it’s winging it’s way to us for Monday.

Plumber said that as soon as it arrives to let him know and he’ll be straight round to fit it.


For the sake of a £61.80 part, it could of got expensive.