Thank You All For The Birthday Wishes

Today hasn’t been good if I am honest, but thanks to those of you who posted some awesome cars earlier today. It gave me a small moment of happiness at least.

In my 35 years on this old world, this is the first year I have spent it alone. I took the week off to come down to the coast for a few days for Cruisin’ The Coast. The day just started out shitty and didn’t really get any better. I now sit here watching the cars go by, wishing my ex and I were still together (she’s a huge classic car fan like me). We’ve come a long way since divorcing earlier this year and, truth be told, we have a good chance of being back together eventually. It just sucks right now because this is an event that she and I went to together for the last few years.

I know things could be worse, but it doesn't help right at the moment. I'll be fine tomorrow hopefully. 

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