Took my truck in for service/inspection today... asked them to check out some noise and odd braking feel. Sure enough, the front rotors are in pretty rough shape and it looks like they were gripping unevenly (just an educated guess on this one, they said the inside pad was rough, I thought the outside was pretty good and I know I had more dust on one side than the other). So, front brakes must have a full service done.

Now, that’s not so bad. But for some reason GM decided it would be a great idea to use a captive rotor setup. And the ABS sensor is pretty well known for being a casualty in the process unless you really know what you’re doing. Throw in the current weather trends, and this adds up to something I’d rather not do myself. So the dealer gets the job this time. Silver lining is I did know this was coming sooner or later... fwiw...

So what do you reckon this is going to cost me? I do have a rough idea, but that could go out the window if they mess up the ABS sensor on the way past. I have two free internets available. One goes to the nearest to the estimate, the to the nearest to the final cost.

EDIT: we have a winner on the estimated cost. And final cost. $735.