Thank you to PNW oppo

We had a cruise the other day, after a lot of stop and go getting to the destination, and some intermittent traffic during, my fuel pump decided to not do its job of continually delivering fuel.

I just want to say thanks to the group for not leaving me behind. For those following and leading who came back to check on me when I pulled into a gas station un-announced, and I believe more than one offer from others to accompany me back home if needed. I really truly appreciate that.

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Love you guys (and girls)!

Just as an update, I made it back to a friends place at night and stayed over, I left in the mid afternoon next day. Got all the way back down 50 some odd miles, even played around with a few cars, but right before my exit I gave it some go coming off a turn and the pump started cutting out again. Luckily it was literally (not figuratively) all down hill from there, so I coasted back to where the car will stay. That is until I resolve the fuel system, DW warranties the pump, I spring for a bosch unit again, just ditch the fuel cell for a traditional setup, or light this thing on fire (poor attempt at hyperbole if by some chance it this does happen in the future mr. very thorough insurance adjuster person).

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