I don’t know why a video of “sovereign citizens” getting pwned was recommended but god damn that was great.

The video starts a few minutes into with an officer being an absolute boss. Oh my god that was awesome!

I also love the guy that was acting tough with his window rolled up suddenly screens like a little bitch when he gets tased.

I do consent to this, it’s awesome!

Update: Wait, if law enforcement has no authority over them, why did they stop in the first place?


9:54: “Uhhhh. Oh you know... Uhhhh..”

14:00: I love that the US Customs agent already knew he was a sovereign citizen and had obviously already dealt with these dumbasses. I love this guy.

20:00: Man you pissed off a lot of federal agents and they are going to fuck your shit up.


20:35: “You see the sign right there?”

23:00: Nice job tough guy. His car probably smells pee or poo after that.