Went back to my hometown for Thanksgiving, Mom and Dad spoiled the grandkids and put up with us.. We spent Saturday getting there, Sunday visiting, and Monday getting home. Lots of driving but it was great.

Back to Oppo - this is my Mom’s 66 Beetle;

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She got it as a grad present in 68, and less than a year later caught a ditch during a roadtrip near Kamloops and rolled it backwards off the road. (pre-Orlove’d)

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Both her and her best friend flew out the passenger door- (whatSeatBelts?!) and other than a shoulder injury that still bothers her once in awhile, everyone was alright. Except the poor beautiful car. It got towed back to Kamloops and this was the last time she ever saw it.

I’m Thankful for this little beetle.

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