Large, long track tornado passed about a mile south of our house in Hattiesburg, MS at around 4:00 am CST this morning. We’re ok, but this isn’t good at all. This powerful image shows the local news station when it lost sound during the warning. Kudos to them for improvising and keeping people aware.

Had a university take a direct hit. Lots of damage and injuries reported through several counties. hankfully I think where I work is ok but as of right now I am waiting till daylight to get photos. I’m an amateur storm chaser and normally tornadoes don’t bother me, but having a tornado at night is bad and I will admit it was very tense for several minutes.

Almost 4 years ago we had an EF-4 pass right through Hattiesburg. Nobody was killed in that one thankfully. I hope the same holds true for this. I will update as more information is gathered.